Book recommendations for summer and beyond

Summer, for my family, means pool visits and baseball games, evenings in the backyard and travel. And, of course, lots of books. I read at the ballfield. I read on our back porch while the boys play whiffle ball. I read on the front porch swing with my morning coffee. I read in hotel rooms at the end of travel days while everyone else drifts to sleep. Now the boys are capable swimmers, I even read by the pool again. It's no wonder my reading log entries always get lengthier in June, July and August. 

So much reading time means I'm looking for book recommendations even more than usual. Here are my favorite sources, sharing summer reading picks.

Buzzfeed Books: This list of 22 books to pick up this summer is a great example of why I love Buzzfeed's book coverage. They almost always provide a diverse selection of authors and genres. 
Their List/My PickMy Life with Bob
It's about a memoir from a woman who has kept track of all the books she's read for 28 years. As Sara said, this book is made for me. 

Modern Mrs. Darcy: This book blogger is prolific in her picks and organizes them by type of read — thought-provoking, beachy, etc. — making it easy to find what you're looking for. 
Their List/My Pick: Almost Missed You
Author Jessica Strawser is a fellow Cincinnatian. (We're such a literary city. Really.) And this book sounds like a great mystery. 

New York Times: These are the reviews I read to determine if a Very Important Book is actually worth my time — or to get the Cliff's Notes version of a Very Important Book I've decided to bail on. Also, I love the By The Book interviews

BookRiot: There's always a list of something here, most recently the 100 must-read books that have been adapted. ("Because the book is always better.") 

LitHub: Its book news section keeps track of the books people are talking about. 

My Libraries: Both the public library and the private library I belong to offer staff recommendations. I just picked up Idado thanks to the Mercantile Libraryand the next Make America Read book discussion pick (more information below!) was a suggestion from a librarian at Cincinnati Public Library

My Reading Friends: Whether they're people I see around town or online (hello Ladies' Internet!), I have so many well-read friends. I love Andrea'sregular book stacks, and Jess, maker of that awesome Newberry PDF, always is reading something good. RA helped me develop a comprehensive list of book recommendations for the boys — and sent a giant box of books to them. Elizabeth has impeccable taste in YA books. Sarah and I have very similar taste in books. Jenna appreciates, like me, compelling melancholy. I could go on and on, but this is what I mean when I suggested you should develop a reading culture around you. You'll never be wondering what to read next. 

What will you be reading this summer? 

— Hillary

Housekeeping note: I'm using Amazon affiliate links for books throughout this blog. If you purchase books through these links, I will earn a small commission, which I probably will spend on books.